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District Council of Yankalilla


Yankalilla, Normanville and Carrickalinga, South Australia

Client Sectors:

Local Government, NRM Boards & Authorities

Relevant Expertise:

AWE was engaged by the District Council of Yankalilla to develop a Stormwater Management Plan (SMP) for the townships of Yankalilla, Normanville and Carrickalinga.  The focus of the SMP was to identify issues and strategies that are associated with the projected growth of the area. Stormwater management strategies were developed to ensure that the projected growth occurs without causing detriment to water quality in the estuaries or impacting the marine environment.

The development of the SMP incorporated assessments of the impacts of the catchment on the receiving environments, including the marine, estuaries, Bungala River, Yankalilla River and Carrickalinga Creek ecosystems. Technical assessments included floodplain mapping, water quality analysis, drainage study, network capacity and infrastructure assessments.

AWE also undertook community and stakeholder consultation during the development of the SMP.


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