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Adelaide and Mount Lofty Ranges Natural Resources Management Board


South Australia

Client Sectors:

Local Government, NRM Boards & Authorities, State Government

Relevant Expertise:

The Adelaide and Mount Lofty Ranges Natural Resources Management (AMLRNRM) Board engaged AWE to liaise and consult with all Local Governments and a range of State Government agencies to develop the Best Practice Operating Procedures for Water Affecting Activities Manual.

The Manual is a tool under the relevent legislation and coexists with the water affecting activity permit process required to be obtained by all stakeholders when conducting a water affecting activity. The technical content was drawn from extensive research regarding best practice procedures for undertaking a range of engineering works on waterways. These practices were presented in a series of workshops for consideration in respect of local conditions and practicality of employment by Council staff, contractors and community groups.

The Manual development was  overseen by the 26 councils, 4 agencies, the Board, The Local Government Association via a Steering Committee and is the primary document used by all stakeholders when Councils are planning, managing and executing water affecting works in metropolitan Adelaide.


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