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AWE was commissioned by the City of Unley to undertake the planning, concept design, approvals, cost estimating and detailed design and documentation of a federally funded 60MLpa stormwater harvesting project. Responsibilities included feasibility assessment and detailed design of the network, assessment of treatment train options, and water balance modelling.

The project involved the capture-diversion-treatment of stormwater from Glen Osmond Creek in Ridge Park, injection into the local fractured rock aquifer for winter storage, extraction during the summer and reuse for irrigation of nine council reserves via an irrigation distribution network (comprising 4.5km of pipes).

Key outcomes of the project included potential cost savings to City of Unley of over $100,000 annually; a reduction on Adelaide's draw on the River Murray by replacing potable water supply with treated stormwater for non-potable irrigation at Ridge Park and other reserves downstream; and the creation of a multi-objective stormwater re-use scheme to improve stormwater quality, encourage plant biodiversity, enhance recreational benefits and improve the overall environmental impact of Ridge Park and reserves downstream.

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