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Private Landholder


Waitpinga, South Australia

Client Sectors:

Land Developers, Local Government

Relevant Expertise:


Provision of a Wastewater and Land Capability Assessment for a land division involving realignment of 14 titles on a 6.5km2 parcel of rural land to create rural style living allotments each on around 1.5ha. The terrain was generally steep and dissected by watercourses in a sensitive environment, requiring detailed analysis of the impact of an increase in development.

Soils were profiled for the proposed new allotments and used to verify geological and groundwater systems data. Site constraints were evaluated using GIS and field survey data, including land form, watercourse type and location, vegetation, and surface soil systems.  An assessment of groundwater impact was also undertaken using existing water bore data and lithography. Suitable areas for wastewater disposal were identified based on a risk assessment, regulation setbacks,  terrain contours, and recommendations were provided for wastewater application and sustainable land use.


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Case studies Land Development & Capability Assessment