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Mallee Catchment Management Authority


Western Victoria

Client Sectors:

State & Federal Government




AWE conducted annual and six-monthly monitoring of the Mallee Catchment Management Authority (CMA) Groundwater Monitoring Network throughout western Victoria.  Data collection involved groundwater level, salinity sampling and assessment of asset condition. 

AWE was responsible for arranging access approvals and notifying stakeholders of the upcoming monitoring round, establishing a monitoring schedule and providing data templates that facilitated data collection according to the State Observation Bore Network (SOBN) guidelines.  We monitored 511 bore sites, forty of which were visited twice, collecting data that was accurate, representative of groundwater conditions and comparable to the existing data set in a safe and timely manner.  The AWE team demonstrated flexibility during the monitoring program by adapting to the Client’s evolving WHS requirements and completing the program on time despite access limitations due to extreme heat and or flooding.

AWE was able to value-add to the data collection methodology, trialling and implementing a new method of salinity monitoring.  This method provided the client with additional information that improved confidence in sampling data which could be used to refine the monitoring network, identify sites that required rehabilitation and provided additional insight into salinity processes occurring in the region.  The reporting phase of the project provided a quality assured and complete field data set within the agreed timeframe to the Mallee CMA.

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