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Murtho, Riverland South Australia

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State & Federal Government

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The Pike Salt Interception Scheme is located adjacent the Pike River near Renmark in the South Australian Riverland.  This borefield intercepts the saline groundwater flux from mounds which have developed beneath the Pike and Lyrup irrigation districts that would otherwise discharge to the Pike River and floodplain, and increase instream salinity.  AWE has been involved in this project from concept design phase through to detailed design of the borefield and pipeline and commissioning of the scheme.

The AWE team was able to provide the client with a flexible approach to borefield design and construction, by identifying the most cost effective borefield option that would provide the greatest instream salinity benefits and also made use of existing infrastructure. This was aided by our methodology that involved using multiple data sources and an iterative approach to field work, monitoring and analysis to constrain the possible borefield configuration. 

The Client required the stage 1 works for the scheme to be completed within a short timeframe and the AWE team was able to deliver the project, including borefield design, borefield construction, pipeline design and construction and pump and switchboard installation, within 8 months of the contract being awarded.


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