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Murtho, Riverland South Australia

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State & Federal Government

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The Murtho Salt Interception Scheme (SIS)  is located adjacent the River Murray, north of Renmark in the South Australian Riverland.  As part of the design process for the scheme, AWE developed a numerical model of groundwater flow and solute transport that was used as part of a suite of tools in the design of the borefield.  The aim of the modelling was to estimate the pattern of salt movement in the floodplain during and after a sequence of floods and to evaluate the potential risks that this may pose to operation and performance of the borefield.

For this project the modelling team was able to deliver an innovative outcome for the client that was tailored to the field setting.  The model was able to replicate the historic pattern of climate sequences over the period 1975 - 2010, simulating both bank recharge (recharge from the river) and inundation recharge (recharge from overbank flow).  The sensitivity of adopting a pool level condition as opposed to a fluctuating river condition had not previously been evaluated, and this was particularly important at Murtho, which has a wide, low lying floodplain.  Outputs from the modelling process were then used to inform the design of the borefield.

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