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Department of Environment, Water & Natural Resources and SA Water


Pike & Katarapko Floodplains, Riverland South Australia

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The SARFIIP program aims to develop floodplain infrastructure that will address the continuing decline in ecosystem health and deliver improved ecological outcomes for floodplains along the Lower River Murray in South Australia.  The major focus of the proposed management actions for these sites is the construction of regulators and banks to facilitate floodplain inundation at low flows and to offset the reductions in natural flood frequency (Inundation Measures).  It is an innovative project, seeking to increase the availability of low salinity water to improve ecosystem functions in a predominantly saline system.  The SARFIIP program therefore includes Salinity Management Measures (SMM) to develop groundwater management infrastructure that manages the risks and enhances the benefits of inundation. 

AWE has been engaged as the Design Contractor to develop groundwater management infrastructure for SARFIIP.  The practice of managing long-term salinity risks is well established, but the management of ecological risk and the enhancement of ecological benefit from a groundwater perspective is a relatively new concept, and SARFIIP is the first instance where it has been actively considered in groundwater management along the River Murray.

In addition to the development of a Concept Design, the project team has also developed the language and the tools for the Client to communicate the concepts, and developed new methodologies and approaches for quantifying the outcomes of groundwater management.  The primary outcome of the Concept Design phase has been the development of a borefield and infrastructure option, that will be progressed through to the Detailed Design phase of the project.

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