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City of Burnside


Adelaide, SA

Client Sectors:

Local Government, NRM Boards & Authorities

Relevant Expertise:

Australian Water Environments completed a Stormwater Industry Association award winning rehabilitation project for Second Creek at Michael Perry Reserve in the City of Burnside. The project resulted in improved bed and bank stability, reduced sediment mobilisation, improved in-stream habitat and connectivity of native fish habitat.

AWE completed the initial stream stability assessment and developed concept designs for the reach which was located in a botanic reserve. The assessment included multiple site visits to identify existing potential erosion and stability issues, the completion of a topographical survey of key sites and the development of a hydraulic model of the reach. AWE subsequently completed detailed design for the stream rehabilitation and erosion control works recommended.

The project included the design of a fish-way passage, in consultation with a freshwater ecologist. During the construction phase AWE developed the specification for works, reviewed tenders for construction contractors and provided technical supervision of construction works.

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