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APY Lands, SA


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  • Water Supply
  • Monitoring
  • Borefield and Well Design

The APY Lands are a remote area of South Australia where communities rely on groundwater as a main source of water supply.  To increase the supply capacity for the communities a number of new and replacement wells needed to be constructed.  AWE’s role in the project was to assess the locations for new supply bores, design the new and replacement wells using appropriate materials, engage a drilling contractor, supervise bore construction and pump test each site to ensure adequate yield and quality. 

The outcome of this program was the successful installation of nine new groundwater supply wells. The success of this program required significant liaison with the communities, including traditional owners and government authorities, from program inception to completion, with particular reference to cultural heritage inspections, access and community traditions.  Successful outcomes were also achieved as a result of thorough logistical planning due to the remote location of the sites. 

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