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Murray-Darling Basin Authority (MDBA)


Murray Darling Basin


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AWE prepared a detailed analysis of River Murray floodplain salt mobilisation and salinity exceedances at Morgan for MDBA.  This study was commissioned to understand the processes and risks of post flood salt mobilisation from floodplains of the River Murray.

Understanding the salinity impact of flood processes on the River Murray posed a number of interlinked challenges.  The region is very large and includes a variety of hydrogeological and hydrological regions which include many small-scale local features. The system is extremely dynamic, and in recent decades, management practices have modified the river’s flow rates and other behaviour.

As part of this project, a review was conducted of key studies in the Murray Basin over the last 30 years and major empirical datasets were also analysed. This led to a range of new understandings and the development of a conceptual model illustrating storage locations, mobilisation processes and transport pathways for salt between highland, floodplain and river. The floodplain salt conceptual model provides commentary on the current state of knowledge of floodplain salt accumulation and transport processes. It also provides a systematic framework for evaluating salt and salinity impacts of management decisions affecting the floodplain such as those arising from environmental watering strategies. 

This project demonstrated our thorough approach to data review and ability to become familiar
with large data sets, critically analyse results and clearly document outcomes.

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