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Leigh Creek Engery


Leigh Creek, SA


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Leigh Creek Operations (LCK) proposes to turn deeply buried coal into a methane gas energy source.  LCK is planning to construct and operate, for a period of up to 90 days, an In-Situ Gasification (ISG) Demonstration Plant that converts coal into synthetic gas (syngas) at Leigh Creek Coalfield in South Australia.  This work will be undertaken under Petroleum Exploration Licence 650 covering the Leigh Creek Coalfield.  The results from this Demonstration Plant will be used to inform the economic opportunities and technical design of commercial scale ISG at Leigh Creek.

AWE and Greencap have been engaged by LCK to prepare a Hydrogeological Conceptual Site Model and Groundwater Environmental Data report at the baseline site for the Demonstration Plant.  In consultation with the client, scopes of work were developed to achieve the nominated aim of providing a report that adequately describes the baseline status of the site.  This includes development of a conceptual site model and implementation of a targeted monitoring program.

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