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AWE has significant experience in borefield design, modelling, permitting and construction across Australia ranging from large scale Groundwater Management Schemes to town water supply bores and targeted resource management projects for environmental outcomes.

AWE are experienced in all aspects of water well design, construction and drilling supervision, and have developed innovative sampling strategies to meet the requirements of our clients.  Our team includes experienced field personnel who have designed and supervised many drilling programs over the past 30 years, leading to the installation of over 1,000 production and observation bores.

Our experienced field personnel have the skills, knowledge and safety training to work in remote, arid and hot environments, and are flexible in their approach to cope with unexpected and changing conditions.

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  • Groundwater Management & Environmental Investigations Leigh Creek

    Leigh Creek Operations (LCK) proposes to turn deeply buried coal into a methane gas energy source.  LCK is planning to construct and operate, for a period of up to 90 days, an In-Situ Gasification (ISG) Demonstration Plant that converts coal into synthetic gas (syngas) at...

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  • Pike Salt Interception Scheme (SIS)

    The Pike Salt Interception Scheme is located adjacent the Pike River near Renmark in the South Australian Riverland.  This borefield intercepts the saline groundwater flux from mounds which have developed beneath the Pike and Lyrup irrigation districts that would otherwise discharge to the Pike River...

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Our experts

  • Andrew Telfer

    Director / Senior Principal Hydrogeologist

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  • Craig Flavel

    Senior Groundwater Engineer

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