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AWE provides high quality dewatering solutions within civil, structural and geotechnical design teams. Our approach is based on a thorough characterisation of the pre-development site hydrogeology and groundwater flow conditions, and interaction with the design engineers to characterise the physical changes that are proposed. 

AWE personnel have worked on a range of dewatering projects from designing small scale dewatering schemes for local construction to managing groundwater inflows for mining operations.  The benefit of the AWE team is that we provide both the hydrogeological and engineering design capabilities in-house.  This improves project efficiency for the client and ensures that scheme designs are both practical and tailored to the unique hydrogeological setting of each site. 

Further reading


  • Leigh Creek Dewatering Investigations

    AWE was engaged by Alinta Energy to assist with groundwater management and dewatering at the Leigh Creek Coal Mine.  This involved the review of available hydrogeological data to gain a better understanding of site hydrogeology, particularly the source and timing of groundwater inflows.  The data...

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  • Festival Plaza Groundwater Assessment & Concept Design

    The proposed re-development of the Festival Plaza Complex includes construction and excavation activities that require dewatering and control of groundwater inflow.  AWE conducted a groundwater assessment for the site using existing datasets to review the physical hydrogeological framework of the project site and identify the...

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Our experts

  • Andrew Telfer

    Director / Senior Principal Hydrogeologist

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  • Scott Evans

    Principal Hydrogeologist

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