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AWE has significant experience in overseeing watercourse management initiatives, from first order streams and ephemeral creeks to large flowing rivers, wetlands, estuaries and floodplains.  Whether it is an urban environment or a pristine setting, our team applies their extensive knowledge and understanding of in-stream hydraulics, hydrology, vegetation, ecology, water quality, limnology and engineering principles and processes to design and facilitate site-specific solutions.

AWE prides itself on its philosophy of ensuring the integrity and natural values associated with a watercourse are prioritised when overseeing watercourse management and rehabilitation projects. We understand watercourse systems and the concepts of an integrated approach to delivering solutions that reflect the specific environmental, social, economic and cultural values. We have successfully delivered a range of watercourse management projects based on a wide variety of watercourse management interventions.

AWE has extensive expertise in 1D and 2D modelling platforms. Applying our specialist hydrology and hydraulic modelling skills to watercourse, floodplain and catchment systems, AWE is a national leader in designing solutions that complement natural and built assets. 

Our team are experts at assessing watercourse form, stability and condition. We have extensive experience in assisting landholders, Government and private enterprise to understand the erosion and sedimentation issues associated with their watercourses. We deliver integrated solutions when developing watercourse engineering works.

AWE is a leader in watercourse and floodplain ecological assessments. We assist our clients in improving the health of a system, through the development of habitat, vegetation and fauna enhancement strategies. AWE has designed and built fish passages throughout Australia. We are a one-stop-shop for delivering fish passage projects, from completing the survey and design, to obtaining the appropriate consents from regulatory bodies through to supervising construction.

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Our experts

  • Geoff Fisher

    Regional General Manager, SA / Principal Hydrologist

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  • Ben Taylor

    Senior Environmental Engineer

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