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AWE is able to assess and design systems for 'fit for purpose use' or performance based reuse of water, reclaimed water and the application of wastewater. AWE has expertise in water quality testing and analysis, risk assessment, and the preparation of:

  • Wastewater Irrigation Management Plans (WIMPs)
  • Irrigation system design, and management plans including water budgeting, and application to Irrigation Public Open Space (IPOS) standards
  • Integrated Water Management Plans (IWMPS)
  • Wastewater treatment plant and filtration systems

AWE understands the importance of effectively managing effluent reuse and has significant experience in the modelling and design of recycled networks, head works and associated infrastructure. We are able to provide advice on the most appropriate method of storing, treating, and use of wastewater on different sites with varying soil conditions.

In addition, we are able to provide concept and detailed sewer network design and water reticulation design to SA Water Level 1 accreditation standards. We can do this as a standalone service or combine it with stormwater, roads and other infrastructure requirements.

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Our experts

  • Dave Pennington

    Senior Designer Infrastructure Services

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  • Bart Fens

    Design Drafter

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